First Look at Superman in Supergirl Series

Written By: Nicole Feleo

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It’s not their annual Christmas card, but it is Instagram worthy.

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) and Superman, cousins and few remaining Kryptonians, have a shining family photo in which both characters show off their Kierstan Ronning suits.

Ronning designed the costumes with the New 52’s version in mind— Superman donning a tasteful red belt and blue tights, and a gold belt, red skirt, and elegant opaque black tights for Supergirl. The two have varying House of El “S” shields, but just in terms of proportion and colors. Radiant gold and red for Superman, and a crimson frame for Supergirl across her blue chest.

The Man of Steel’s cousin is finally making her appearance as Melissa Benoist with the titled role, which will finally make its debut.

According to Comic Book Resources (CBR), Benoist herself expressed enthusiasm for the introduction of her role into the series at Comic-Con in San D: “All of the interactions [Kara] had with him last season through the instant messaging and the texting, it never felt like enough to me. Their relationship is important, and they’re family and she has things that he doesn’t and he has things that she doesn’t. They’re only going to reap benefits from each other. I’m so excited about it.”

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