Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #55


Issue number #55 for both More Than Meets the Eye and Transformers have a very glaring and obvious theme. Death.

The first review is on last week’s More Than Meets the Eye, where the crew of the Lost Light once again has a miracle to thank, and this miracle has a name, Megatron. The end of the previous issue saw Megatron draw out the Decepticon Justice Division, and while it seemed Tarn and his crew had Megatron dead-to-rights, things were not as they seemed.




A dying Ravage outlines Megatron’s plan and shows how his master had considered all the possibilities and how he would confront Tarn. Megatron is still the cold and calculating Decepticon we know and love, but we see how all along, he was also a Cybertronian who wanted to see a revolution of freedom from tyranny.

Megatron systematically defeats the Decepticon Justice Division, revealing the true identities of the squad. While the Lost Light celebrates victory, one of its own dies, and the effects are felt across the galaxy in a sad, touching scene.

When you think they escaped doom, we find two of our heroes, Rung and Nightbeat discovering something unexpected, shocking, and possibly changes everything we know. The only problem is we do not see the outcome, as a planet-busting explosion erupts, giving us another to be continued cliffhanger.

Overall, this was a great issue and a shining moment the writers outlined for Megatron. Sure, he reluctantly reformed and ultimately held true to his beliefs, however we also see how Megatron will do what is necessary to win.

The only downside, is the reveals were a bit lackluster. Nothing which made me jump or care much for that matter. I really liked the DJD, they were portrayed as unstoppable, feared, and complete 100% badassery. But in the end, they were nothing but tinfoil. Shame.

The Titan Wars are coming and Titans Return is just the beginning.