Transformers #55 – All Hail Optimus


Hey! Rom’s on the cover… But he’s not in this series… Yet.

If the death toll in More Than Meets The Eye wasn’t enough, last week’s Transformers #55 saw a Warrior’s Death in full view.

Once again, a major WARNING.



Optimus Prime and Soundwave have teamed up. Soundwave wants peace for Decepticons, Optimus wants peace for everyone. Having recently annexed Earth and declaring it under his protection, the former Autobot leader promises he has a noble reason for the cause. He wants Earth within the Cybertronian Council. Prime knows Earth has a reason for being a focal point for many battles in the long war.

But now Prime… Is Pissed.

He’s mad at the constant antagonizing by would-be rulers like Galvatron. Now mind you, this is not the Galvatron we know from the original series. This is not Megatron reincarnated by Unicron or upgraded through convoluted storytelling. In the IDW universe, this is a Galvatron bent on domination through his means.

Soundwave is mad at having been betrayed.

Cosmos is made at being the punchline. He isn’t going to take it anymore, even if it means taking a barrage of missiles head-on to prove a point.

The battle heads to space where Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Arcee, and Galvatron do battle one final time. We are led to believe Galvatron is taunting his attackers with belligerent nonsense, the rantings of a crazed ruler losing the throne, except in the end, we realize Galvatron is doing what Prime and Soundwave are doing… Fighting for his cause, his beliefs. Except his involves the death of millions.

Optimus won’t have any of that. Not anymore. Galvatron goads Prime and his sense of mercy… Except according to Prime “this isn’t what you think.” With that, Optimus pulls out his BFG and blasts the almighty hell out of Galvatron. We think we see a darker Prime, but the Prime we see is one tired of the senseless killing, and admitting his faults for showing mercy to those without remorse or regret.

So Optimus rips his head off. Delivering it to the humans. The safe money bet is with the preservation of his head, Galvatron will join in similar fashion to Sentinel Prime, as revealed a few weeks ago as a Headmaster, or Titan Master, with the backstory of his head vanishing after Megatron killed him millions of years ago. Galvatron now loses his head.

We are getting a very different side of Optimus, and one has to wonder what the geniuses at IDW have in store for us as Titan Wars begins.

To be honest, I was hoping someone would have asked Prime, “What’s in the box!?”