The BreakCast: The Suicide SquadCast

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If you thought Ghostbusters was a divisive and controversial film, DC’s Suicide Squad certainly trumped it.

The film, based on the DC Comic book series of the same name, was one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2016. We at Pop-Break were drooling over the amazing trailers that were released since last summer. Our excitement for the film was palpable.

The most excited for this film was our film editor, Dan Cohen. He’s always been the “DC Guy” on the site — his love for films like Batman v Superman are the stuff of site legend.

So you can imagine our collective shock when this review came out.

So we called an emergency podcast session. Our host, and editor-in-chief Bill Bodkin had not seen the film, so he acted as an impartial reporter, and quasi-therapist for a beleaguered Dan Cohen.

Jokes aside, this podcast really explores the issues and problems Dan had with the film. If you loved the film or hated the film this podcast is definitely a listen that’ll give you a new perspective on the film.

Warning: SPOILERS. Seriously, tons of spoilers. In fact this is all spoilers.

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