Late Edition: The WWE-Ek

The WeekTonight’s column begins on a somber note, the legendary Mr. Fuji passed away earlier today.

As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, seeing Mr. Fuji as wrestler and as a manager was a regular occurrence during my young life. Truly a major loss to my generation of wrestling fan.

I don’t have much opinion on dirtsheets one way or another. Often we see the same headline regurgitated into clickbait traps. It’s like the game “telephone” where the actual message is distorted the further down the line. Often we see “This Wrestler did WHAT” and it’s just that they double-parked or forgot their glasses in the women’s locker room.

Often I see facebook shares from a site called Inquistr, who I believe is a dirtsheet wannabe. Most times it links to other sites, and often repeats the same rumor within the column itself. A recently posted column “Enzo Amore is reason WWE deserves to fail, wrestling legend says.”

That’s the bait. You click, thinking, “what WWE Hall of Famer hates Enzo?” But then you read it. It’s not a Hall of Famer, it’s a name you read a few times, find out it’s a nobody from the 80’s and say “who?” Then you find out the column is about a blog or podcast. Then the column actually has these two nobodies putting Enzo over but just being mad and whining about Enzo and Cass losing to Jericho and Kevin Owens at SummerSlam.

The lesson here folks, is don’t take this television show that seriously.

What did get attention, The Miz going full-off-the-rails on Daniel Bryan. Gaining attention, even by putting it front-and-center. This is a tough one. Was this a “shoot” or another “pipe-bomb” angle? Miz certainly cut the promo of a lifetime, at one point I thought he was going to cry, he was so angry. One has to wonder, because of the history between Bryan and Miz, perhaps it was a work, but the same can be said for the reasoning that this was not. The term “shoot” has been thrown around a lot, whenever something seems too real and thus the internet goes bonkers trying to be the first to confirm “Oh yeah, that’s a shoot.”

In any case, no one really knows for certain. The camera panned to Renee Young who looked like one of those women in the tampon commercial, biting her lip and looking nervously around. Staged or legit awkward? Miz often enough during this promo cited his reign as Intercontinental Champion. Pride or production? We just don’t know.

Instead, let’s look at what we do know. Miz has been around a long time. Former WWE Champion. Beat John Cena at WrestleMania. Loves what he does, and despite being a face or heel, will do whatever he can to entertain. Daniel Bryan, forced into early retirement due to injuries. Wrestler in the indys for years. Original NXT cast. Headlined WrestleMania also, the kingpin of the “YES! Movement.”

We know they both love wrestling. To the point where each will defend their choices to death. Bryan called Miz a coward. Character or real? Bryan calls Miz a “safe wrestler” which could be an insult. Miz fires back telling Bryan to quit WWE and go back to “the bingo halls” if he really wants to wrestle again.

Will we see some changes to The Miz come Tuesday on SmackDown Live? Will this issue be addressed or fade away as just another forgotten moment?

Brock has come and gone. At this point, WWE must realize Brock Lesnar has not added Network subscriptions and did not do anything to enhance SummerSlam. Time to move on.

Finn Balor, this was a damn shame. WWE pulled the trigger and gave him the Universal Championship. Best move yet. Damn shame he got injured. I don’t care who gets the title next, as long as it isn’t Roman Reigns. That, would be an ass backwards move.

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