Review: Superman #7

Written By: M.J. Rawls


One of the things I currently like about the Superman rebirth series is that it’s showing a different side to the usual “heroic” Superman that we all know and love. Clark Kent has a family, so there is a delicate balance that has to be struck in order to maintain some type of balance between both sides of himself. There’s a part in issue #6 that is a perfect bookend into this issue. There’s a conversation that Clark has with Jon where he gives his son a familiar disguise while also embracing that his son’s powers are growing stronger. “The best part about the glasses is when you take them off” Clark says to Jon. He then introduces Jon to Wonder Woman and Batman, thus also embracing his superhuman side.

Issue # 7 begins with frames showing Superman helping most of the Justice League out of trouble. Writer Peter J. Tomasi adds a nice nod to Batman and Superman’s relationship within their┬ástory block. “I don’t recall asking for help.” Batman says. After Clark does his Superman duties, he heads home to Lois and Jon. Lois lets him know that it’s the last night of the Hamilton County Fair. Clark obliges that he will take the night off to spend a fun-filled night with his family. He even gives Lois his cape.

Most of the issue plays as an overview of what a Kent family outing wouldtri_1_1 be. There’s a nod to the nervous nature of the Clark Kent persona when Jon talks to Kathy. It’s a younger version of the early days of Clark and Lois. Throughout the night, there are some older kids who plan to rob the ticket booth. With his super hearing, Clark has a decision to make – either let it go or try to save the day without his family knowing, thus breaking his promise.

***Spoiler Section***

The reader has to know that no matter how hard Clark tries, there’s no resisting doing the right thing. Although his son never picks up on it, Lois, due to a hot mic, figures it out. Tomasi breaks up the heaviness of the battle with the Eradicator in the previous issues with a quick and hilarious story of the Kent family trying their best to assimilate within their town. If you’re looking for a Superman issue that helps us catch our breath and comes more on the lighthearted side,┬áSuperman #7 fully pushes us into Clark’s responsibility to family.

Rating: 8.5/10