Review: Rom Revolution #1

By: Michael S. Dworkis

rom-rev01_cvr_aThis issue is a solid continuation of the ongoing ROM series. Only a couple issues in, and we quickly learn the invasion of the Dire Wraiths is more than just simple attempted conquest of Earth. ROM, the Space Knight asks many questions of himself, and it is as if he has some existential conflict as to the true purpose of his life. Meeting two humans, one affects by the Wraith’s power, but yet was able to survive.

In this issue, the focus initially is on ROM, but turns to the Dire Wraiths and the Sorcerer-Wraiths. This ties in with issue #3 of ROM, as the investigation into the Wraith’s infiltration and disguise goes deeper than even ROM imagines.

The biggest takeaway is the reveal at the end of the ROM: Revolution one-shot, where it is revealed he must kill a major figure in this arc in order to strike a heavy blow against the Dire-Wraiths. This is where the order of the Revolution arc goes awry. This story should be set before Revolution #1, as ROM’s revelation leads right into a huge battle in that issue, which then shakes up all of the opposing sides.

It does lead us to believe the Dire Wraiths are the main villains of the story, but I’m not convinced. This early to reveal the big bad? There is a surprise coming, and I imagine it is a doozy.