Review: Transformers: Till All Are One

By: Michael S. Dworkis

tf_taao04_cvraOnslaughts plan comes together! He and the Combaticons unite with Swindle’s lifeless body, using the Enigma of Combination to literally, bring the band back together. I have tried to recall if they ever combined before; I feel like they have. The whole mess with Devastator and Menasor, they have unified before during early IDW story arcs. Guess they used the occasionally mentioned “illegal technology.”

In any case, as Bruticus, the Combaticons rage on, and their unified mind has one goal, the death of Starscream. Onslaught’s tactical mind does seem to find reason at times among the mess, using his mental strength to probe the deactivated Swindle as a memory bank to locate evidence to use. Unfortunately, with the jumble of personalities and ambition combined, Bruticus lays waste to anything and any one in their way.

Side note, the regular cover this month is the best. Very similar to Attack on Titan, but the artwork is great. Imagine being a regular bot staring straight up to a combiner. Chills.

Ultimately, sacrifices are made, secrets are spilled, and Ironhide once again faces impossible decisions, unfortunately one decision made too hasty results in lost opportunities. I like most is how Windblade and Chromia finally speak what has been left unspoken for so long. The secrets revealed wind up damaging one, saving another, and ruining leverage for a third.  The dialogue and drama is intense, although yet predictable based on how each issue saw our heroes backed into an inescapable corner.

Next issue offers no hints or tease, but a straightforward notice: The Micronauts are coming to Cybertron!