Adventure Time to Conclude with Season 9

Written By: Alisha Weinberger

adventure_time_posterCome on grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands…one last time.
This morning Cartoon Network has announced that Jake the Dog and Finn the Human will be ending their adventure sometime in 2018. With 142 half-hour episodes in total, including season nine, the series originally debuted in 2010 on Cartoon Network, having been rejected by Nickelodeon.

Created by Pendleton Ward, the series gained critical acclaim and a cult following from both children and adults. Although praised for its unflinching bizarre world building, impossible cast of characters, and technicolor palette, the show resonated with audiences most importantly for its subversive mature themes focused around responsibility and growing up. After all, it is set in a post-nuclear wasteland occupied by the last human child and his dog.

This insane formula, along with Ward and his creative team, have won six Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award. In a statement made by Ward:

“‘Adventure Time’ was a passion project for the people on the crew who poured their heart into the art and stories,” Ward said in a statement. “We tried to put into every episode something genuine and telling from our lives, and make a show that was personal to us, and that had jokes too! I’m really happy that it connected with an audience for so long. It’s a special thing, I think.”

The announcement follows one earlier this month. CN’s other series known for its strangeness, Regular Show, is also scheduled to end after its eighth season. Season 8 of Adventure Time hasn’t been announced but is expected late this year.