Review: Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #57

By: Michael S. Dworkis

tf_mtmte_57_cvr-mockonlyThis issue has nothing to do with the crew of the Lost Light. Well, not really. It does, but it doesn’t.

Red Alert is a complicated Autobot. He’s paranoid.

With good reason. Someone messed with his head, and the numerous flashbacks of crew members, spotlight on Rung, help Red Alert cope with the knowledge that something just is not quite right, but he does not know what it is.

Best part, the flashbacks, may not have been flashbacks at all.

Sentinel Prime continues his abduction of Titan Corpses, and only Prowl, Cerebros, and Fortress Maximus stand in his way. Fort Max briefly becomes a Titan, and the witty banter and humor we have come to expect from the MTMTE series manages to remain fresh despite the Transformers storyline taking another serious dark turn. Sentinel and Sovereign describe what
is to come, and of course, it isn’t good.

I know I am giving a lot away, but you have to understand the elements which make this comic a great read. The artwork is steller as always, and you have to appreciate that, despite Titans Return being a serious-toned story, even in the comedic and light-hearted More Than Meets the Eye title, we are still treated to the sarcasm and banter we have grown accustomed to.

The development and climax of Red Alert’s paranoia comes to an apex in this issue, with some great results. Fortress Maximus did go full-Titan, not in the way you might think, but still cool.

This is where Transformers More Than Meets the Eye ends. I’m going to spoil it, because it’s perfect. Dishes are washed, speculation is abound, and Prowl is at the center of it.

Coming soon, is the next chapter of our missing crew in Transformers: Lost Light.