Review: American Horror Story: Roanoke Chapter 9


There are only two episodes left in this season of American Horror Story, a season that has, overall, been a disappointment to me. The first half of the season was the slowest start of any season, by far, only starting to really pick up around the second episode of the second half. The story doesn’t really improve much at this point, but the extreme gore seems to be in place to make up for the lack of original story. So far, the season has been one The Blair Witch Project reference after another followed by head bashing after head bashing after head bashing. I am at the point where I am begging for things to be cut off just┬áso I don’t have to see another head smashed into a pulp.

I cannot say that I am too disappointed in the deaths that have occurred this season. As of last weeks episode, I officially care if one, and one character only, dies: Lee (Adina Porter). Everyone else was unlikable until the end. Everyone else still alive is still unlikeable. Even the addition of new characters this week has not helped the cause.


Taissa Farmiga makes her American Horror Story return, joined by Jacob Artist and Jon Bass as fans of the My Roanoke Nightmare television show who are checking out the filming locations and looking for the original house. Upon stepping onto the land, they encounter an injured Diana (Shannon Lucio) who leads them to the site of her demolished car with her dead body inside. The three teenagers take the story to the local police with evidence on camera but, like Matt and Shelby, were ignored. They return to the property only to become part of the show themselves.

Audrey (Sarah Paulson) returns to the cannibalistic┬áPolk’s property to steal a vehicle, only to find that Monet (Angela Bassett) is still alive. Lee has disappeared somewhere alone in the woods, injured and in danger.

Next week is the final episode, so here is my prediction: only one person has survived, which I will avoid spoiling for you, but it appears that they will stick with the The Blair Witch Project theme and go full Book of Shadows by making it appear on video that she is the killer, while we have watched something different happen the entire time. This means that the season finale will be the court case, which she should lose, considering what is on those tapes.

On the bright side of tonight’s episode, there were no heads bashed in. There were plenty of deaths but a lack of brains on the floor, so that can be counted as a check in the plus box. On the other hand, this episode didn’t do anything to change my opinion on the season as it stayed pretty much on even par with the rest of the second half. I am mostly thankful that I only have to sit through one more episode before I can return to the days of the show’s best seasons via Blu-ray. At this point, we can only hope the season ends with a strong finish. Maybe we will finally get that big tie in we have all been waiting for. Until next week, the season maintains a mediocre status.

Rating: 7/10

American Horror Story: Roanoke airs Wednesday nights at 10PM on FX

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