Review: Trinity #3

Written by Mark Henely


After Trinity #2 took us into Superman’s past (an illusion brought on by Poison Ivy), Trinity #3 takes us into Batman’s. While Clark Kent found comfort and a deeper sense of self in the past illusion, Bruce Wayne does not. Every moment that Bruce spends in the past makes him more and more skeptical. Clark saw that the situation he was in was insane, but was still open enough to let it change him. Bruce has his defense up for the entirety of this comic and does not let the past change him now.


This is an unusual issue in this series because it is essentially a break in the progress of the action. Batman learns nothing from his trip the past. For a brief moment at the end, Bruce opens up to Superman and Wonder Woman about how he feels lately, but it doesn’t necessarily seem to be something he learned from visiting the past. It is just a statement he makes in the moment because that is what he needs to do in that moment.

A practical reason for Batman’s resistance to the illusion could be that he has more experience with reality altering illusions that Superman does. Batman regularly faces off against Poison Ivy and Scarecrow. He has contingency plans that let him know when he is disconnecting from reality. This entire issue is the equivalent of a blocked punch. Poison Ivy tries to attack Batman¬†emotionally and psychically and he protects himself.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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