Goldberg Destroys Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series


According to wikipedia, Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar in under two minutes. This happened by way of two spears, and a Jackhammer. Brock had ZERO offense and looked like he was ready to get mauled. Read all the gory details below!

Well, that was an interesting Survivor Series.

The pre-show kicked off with Rich Swann, Noam Dar, and TJ Perkins defeat Ariya Davari, Drew Gulak, and Tony Nese. Nice match. The second pre-show match saw Kane defeat Luke Harper.


Women’s Survivor Series Match: Team RAW defeated Team SmackDown

Not a bad match. The surprise was Sasha Banks being eliminated third, the second women out from Team RAW. Carmella was first go rather quickly. Before the match started, Nikki Bella was found backstage with a headache, so Natalya filled in her spot. Speaking of spots, some great ones from Nia Jax, who womanhandled most of Team SmackDown. Shocker when Becky Lynch forced her to tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her. The end result saw Becky as the last one on Team SD, and fell to a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex for the win. Post match, Charlotte attacked Bayley.

Winners and Sole Survivors: Charlotte and Bayley


This will likely set up the long road for Bayley to challenge for the RAW Women’s Championship.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz retained against Sami Zayn

I enjoyed this match, although I would have preferred if Dolph Ziggler was in there somehow. They could have made it a triple threat. Miz put on an outstanding performance. Some close calls and a lot of near-falls. The match ended very bizarrely, as Zayn locked Miz in the figure four, and then the bell rang. We all though Miz tapped, but as the ref looked confused, the camera panned back to see Maryse at the Timekeeper’s position. In the confusion, Miz rolled Zayn up for the pinfall.

What was strange is how the ref appeared to try and make sense of the situation, but the moment Zayn’s shoulders were on the mat he jumped back to count three. Didn’t seem consistent with the whole scene. I enjoyed the match, and while the ending was a clever way to keep the title on Miz while also keeping Zayn looking like the better man, I felt it hurt what was a good match.


Tag Team Survivor Series Match: Team RAW defeated Team SmackDown

This was a very entertaining match which had the most tradition of Survivor Series. Unpredictable, seriousness, comedy, and best of all, a great ending. Breezango were eliminated in under a minute, and the first shocker, The New Day is eliminated within the second minute by an Uso superkick. Yep. Bye bye New Day. The rest of the match slowed down the eliminations and sped up the action. Hype Bros were thankfully eliminated next. I HATE Mojo Rawley’s character. He appears to possess talent, but we don’t see it with this ridiculous gimmick. American Alpha went super-plex-silly on everyone, doing a Rolling German Suplex and a high flying throw to the floor. These guys are 80’s Steiner Brothers, Team Angle, and everything great about tag team wrestling in one astonishing package. Sadly, eliminated by Gallows and Anderson. Slater and Rhyno had a good run, until they were eliminated by Enzo and Cass. Usos then got dirty with eliminating Enzo and Cass.

A lot of good action between the Usos and Cesaro and Sheamus. Lots of near-falls and oh-so-close moments. In the end, actual teamwork by Cesaro and Sheamus, as Cesaro locked on the Sharpshooter and Sheamus ran interference with a Brough Kick to secure the win.

Having won two of the Survivor Series matches, I could not believe RAW would win the final match. A clean sweep? No way. Cesaro and Sheamus will get a Tag Team Title match on RAW tomorrow night.


The Brian Kendrick vs. Kalisto ended in DQ when BACON RORBIN interfered.

The birth of the Baconweight Division took place this evening, as the headmaster himself, Bacon Rorbin beat up both Kendrick and Kalisto during a peak moment in the match. The majority of the match was very uneventful. An interesting note, before the match we saw a pre-taped promo from Kendrick calling the Cruiserweights stuntmen and using flashy, attention-grabbing antics to dazzle and show off. This holds true as Kendrick mostly takes to the mat, or tries to cheat his way to an early win. This was evident during most of the match, but once Kalisto took over it got fairly entertaining. Bacon Bits ruined the match, but this one I’ll let slide.


Team SmackDown defeated Team RAW in the Mens’ Survivor Series Match

Told ya. With RAW winning two, I just couldn’t see the third. This one got a bit weird. Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles wound up going at it, and we got a taste of a Shield Reunion when they superpowerbombed AJ through an announce table. This match lasted almost ONE HOUR. It was great too with a lot of great moments. Dean Ambrose was first out thanks to Strowman, who wound up going out second after eating a Shane McMahon flying elbowdrop through the announce table, but that wasn’t it… It was James Ellsworth who was hiding under the ring, holding Strowman’s leg, preventing him from climbing in before the 10-count. It’s the only way Strowma could have believably been eliminated, and it worked so well. Owens got himself DQ’d by beating AJ with the List of Jericho. Then, Jericho, distraught gets an RKO and is sent home. In a very scary moment, Shane goes for the Coast-to-Coast, but Roman Reigns gets up and spears Shane, who lands very hard, and things take a turn.

It looks like Shane is supposed to kick out, but Reigns and the ref seemed to assist, as Shane appeared to not know what time zone he was in. They wound up saying he was eliminated and helped to the back. No stretcher, but if this is real, I would not be shocked if the word concussion is used. As it came down to Reigns and Seth Rollins, the Wyatt family got some assistance with Luke Harper. Through the chaos, Rollins dives off the top but eats an RKO and is pinned. Reigns goes to spear Bray, but Orton shoves Bray away, taking the hit, allowing Bray Wyatt to hit Sister Abigail and win the match for Team SmackDown.

Roman Reigns, simply breathing was booed mercilessly. Jericho and Owens got the loudest cheers.


Throughout the night, any time a ref counted or consecutive strikes took place, the crowd chanted “10! 10! 10!” the whole time. Tye Dillinger must be smiling and a very happy person right now.


Goldberg Annihilated Brock Lesnar in Under Two Minutes

Yep. Not a joke. Brock rushed Goldberg into the corner, but Goldberg shoves Brock, who then does the whole “Oh noes! I’m scared!” and Goldberg spears the paycheck out of Lesnar. If that isn’t enough, Goldberg freight trains him with another spear, followed by the Jack Hammer for the three count pinfall victory.

They must have dropped off truckloads of money by Brock’s front door to take the dive.

This was brutal. No offense from Brock at all, and Goldberg mauled him like Unicron devouring Moon Base 2.

Despite some struggles and some confusing choices, I overall enjoyed Survivor Series, thanks to its unpredictable nature. Tomorrow night on RAW, we will certainly see some fallout.