Review Transformers: Revolution #1


I love it when a story goes off the rails. In this slight departure from the main story, Marissa Fairborn is negotiating with the President of the United States regarding Ore-13, the infiltration of G.I. Joe and possible leaks to other military branches. This is immediately shown as true when Dire Wraiths come out of the woodwork. In her hour of need, Marissa calls the only being she can trust.

Thundercracker. The Decepticon-turned- screenwriter hopeful with his dog Buster, Bob the Insecticon and D.O.C. come to save the day.

I am not making this up.

The story does tie in with the main story, but doesn’t advance it nor give us a big reveal. This, is actually a good thing. We get a great one-off story from one of the rarer seen sides of the Transformer IDW-verse. The development of Thundercracker has been sorely missing due to the serious-toned arc with Titans Return. We also get another peak at how deep the Dire Wraiths have gone and some clues to some unholy alliances.

Artwork was solid, and the story was fluid and well-paced. No jumping around to different scenes, just one straight story featuring some lovable characters. Yes, I did just say that.

To easily sum this up, this was a fun issue, really an enjoyable read.