Jim Gaffigan Shows How Great He is “Fully Dressed” at Wellmont Theatre


Pop-Break Live: Jim Gaffigan’s “Fully Dressed” Tour at The Wellmont Theater

It’s not every day that you can have a successful television show, let alone have the power to end it on your own terms. That’s exactly what comedian Jim Gaffigan did earlier this year, when he and his wife/writing partner decided to end the hit TV Land series to spend more time with their five kids. Gaffigan briefly mentions his show in his latest standup tour, Fully Dressed, but keeps the focus on his family, raising five children, and other subjects like religion, hiking, and even Hot Pockets.

Gaffigan played back-to-back shows at The Wellmont Theater to a diverse and receptive audience. The New York City native had the crowd roaring during his set that touched on everything from Jesus to Vikings. His family life was a source for a majority of his routine and also spoke about his weight and receiving full boxes of donuts as gifts from fans.

The greatest aspect of Gaffigan’s comedy is that he isn’t a specific type of comedian that only a select group of people find funny. Gaffigan’s style is so relatable and universal that it’s hard not to laugh at his approach to comedy, especially when he is narrating parts of his performance and giving himself negative feedback when he mentions touchy subjects like religion.

Even if the majority of the audience doesn’t laugh at a particular joke, Gaffigan’s high-pitched third person voice commenting on the success of the joke will make the rest of the audience cry with laughter. It doesn’t matter if Gaffigan makes an obscure reference or tackles a subject like hiking that might not land in a place like Montclair, New Jersey, Gaffigan’s every-man persona makes every joke land and keeps the laughs going all the way through his set. Gaffigan has multiple stand-up specials, comedy albums, and two seasons of a great TV show based on his life, but nothing beats seeing him live and hearing all the ways he deconstructs Hot Pockets.

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