The WWE-ek: Evening Edition

Big kudos to Cody Rhodes for being tapped to join the most elite stable currently in existence, The Bullet Club. His moniker as The American Nightmare is genius and certainly fits Rhodes’ devilish demeanor portrayed in his reveal video.



The Bullet Club is a stable comprised of members from different backgrounds. Some of whom you know, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles.


This proves what we all knew all along. Cody Rhodes is a top-tier talent who was sorely glossed over by WWE. There was a time he was set for a push, but the trigger remained idle and others got a push he could have seen benefit from. He is a character, a solid in-ring performer, and versatile at any gimmick. We have seen it. I hope his run in the Bullet Club is successful.


If you watched WWE TLC last week, you were entertained, but I also wonder if predictability is part of it. I am all for a good match, despite whether I know the outcome. TLC felt very predictable, except for the Women’s Championship match, Alexa Bliss winning the Women’s Championship in a Tables Match from Becky Lynch. Solid match and Bliss is a solid performer. She’s batty, energetic, and fantastic in the ring. I would really like to see a longer feud with Lynch and Bliss for the title. We all can agree, once Nikki Bella is back on title hunt, the Women’s Division might as well just keel over on SmackDown.


James Ellsworth playing the stupid loon character could be seen coming a mile away. The ladder match between Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles was damn fantastic, there were many moments I believed Ambrose may actually have won the championship. As much as I enjoy a little comedy, this is getting ridiculous. Let’s make the chinless wonder delusional, that he believes he has a better chance of beating AJ Styles for the title than Ambrose. While I applaud WWE Creative for taking a guy who the fans rallied behind, why, I don’t know, and giving him some sort of push, but using him as the MacGuffin who is the reason why Ambrose is out of the main event is a bit hard for me to swallow. I don’t need the script to be believable, but this is a bit much. The Ellsworth fad will come and go like the dancing and singing Fandango trend, and we will forget he ever happened. Like Ralphus.


Kevin Owens is still at the top of his game. He entertains me. Chris Jericho is the best he’s been in recent memory. If they are going to feud, it better be soon. I want it. Roman Reigns is going to be fodder for Owens, and Seth Rollins will begin his feud with Triple H, likely beginning at the Royal Rumble.


Speaking of the Rumble, while I am not entering, we know both Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg are in it. Expect both to eliminate each other somehow. I also expect a similar stipulation as when the brand extension first began, where the winner of the Rumble could choose which champion to challenge. This would be very intriguing and allow for some roster rotations.


I’ll end with this last thought. I am very happy Bray Wyatt finally has a championship. Winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships with Randy “Wyatt” Orton, defeating the tandem of Rhyno and Heath Slater. I can agree, Bray Wyatt doesn’t need a championship, but I feel he deserves it through the great gimmick and ability to be front-and-center with fans, even if WWE Creative doesn’t intend it. He would also make a great heel champion, for some up-and-coming babyface to go through The Family and finally challenge the ringleader himself. I feel it has to do with being paired with Orton. He couldn’t have done it with Luke Harper?


If Randy Orton is going to continue to be in the stable, then he needs to go through the family heirlooms and channel his inner Cowboy Bob.