Review: M.A.S.K. #1

The first issue of M.A.S.K. shows us a recap of the events in Revolution, but also what we knew all along. The true path taken by Major Miles “Mayhem” Manheim and the continued soul-searching of one Matt Trakker. The main characters are given a bit more story and time for us to get to know them, and then they have to rush off to contain some calamity.

I get this is new ground for IDW and this is one of the major series which will soon see a toy line and a more prominent role, but the comic failed to deliver on a few important points.

First, they still harp on being part of the EDC or G.I. Joe. We already established the current iteration of G.I. Joe is dead, and the EDC no longer exists. Second, Trakker still sounds as if he can’t figure out what the deal with Miles Manheim is. Again, we already figured that out, by this point Trakker needs to lose the angst and be a team leader.

The redeeming quality of the issue, seems to underlie Trakker has to grow into a leadership role, as the end of the issue finds MASK up against an enemy, who if you grew up with these toys 30 years ago, you know exactly who his enemy is. The reveal, while expected, was done in an interesting way which had me read and not roll my eyes.

Artwork was a big plus. I enjoyed the colors of the uniforms and vehicles. Dialogue, has room for improvement, but not a write-off yet.

I have faith this will turn around, and it is just a rough start.