Review: Revolution #5

In the previous issue, the merged form of a Dire Wraith and the head-villain of the Micronauts, Baron Karza uttered those words… “Till All Are One.”

Whoa, that’s reserved for Transformers!

In this new universal-aligned continuity, things have certainly gone haywire. The final issue wraps it up, by forcing all the good guys to come together, by way of Optimus Prime turning into a truck and forcible shoving all other combatants into his cab.

Yes, that happened.

What also happened is what we all predicted by now. Major Miles Mayhem, while acting true to his military goals, is the bad guy, Baron Karza, is still a bad guy, the Dire Wraiths, are very much bad guys. In fact, it would appear the Dire Wraiths were the main antagonists of the tale. This is not a spoiler, but what we have been led to believe this whole time. Our main heroes combine their parts in various forms of dialogue to explain and understand everything that has transpired.

Dialogue is great, but much of it was repetitive and nothing new. The new dialogue pieced tighter the end result of the Revolution, which has now become the new norm for a number IDW brands.

What made me laugh, because it just had to, was Soundwave, who had the honors of ushering in this new collaborative effort with the words “Operation: Revolution!”

Oh, IDW, how you tickle my funny nostalgia bone.

The artwork was on par with the rest of the main Revolution series, but this also means my pros and cons remain the same. Great job of making the aliens look alien, but way too many messy and overcrowded splash pages. I didn’t dislike the artwork, but at times just so… messy.

Overall, IDW did a good job of ushering this new era for many of our popular brands.