Review: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye: Revolution

By: Michael S. Dworkis

This was released after the Revolution crossover concluded. Just as well, since its impact on the saga was, intentionally, nothing.

The story takes us back to the exploits of the wayward Decepticon group, the Scavengers, who meet up with a mysterious fellow found in a Cybertronian social media chat room. Yep.

Advertised as a comic which breaks all barriers, this issue did deliver, but maybe not with the flair and impact one would have expected. A lot of marketing and sales pitch terms were thrown around such when one character explains to another “We must reach brand awareness before the end of the fourth quarter.” Sure, if an alien says it, it might sound like some sort of translation of being on time for some event, but since we were told in advance to expect some silliness, we got it, albeit a bit forced. This is one of the flaws of the issue, in the past the writers would have planted seeds like this for us to figure out, yet in this issue we’re just told straight out “here comes the funny!”

I will compliment the writer’s novel characters. We meet characters who are either washed-out or unable to fit into a larger universe, and struggle to find a place or just fade away. Thoughts about meaning and making sense of new directions almost mirror reality. It’s about making choices, overcoming obstacles, and of course, surviving a multi-branded unifying crossover.

Artwork, great. Story, fun. They didn’t have to tell us it would be fun, long time fans would have already known this.