Review: Transformers: Til All Are One: Revolution #1

By: Michael S. Dworkis

I enjoyed this issue, but there was a problem evident half-way through. This issue should have been out two weeks ago. Events in the issue appeared to take place
before Revolution #3, involving the reveals of the link between Transformers and Micronauts through the character of Micronus Prime.

In a previous review, I detailed how Micronus Prime has some origins in the Unicron Trilogy as the creator of the Mini-cons, but more recently mainstreamed by his inclusion in the current childrens-based Transformers TV cartoon, Robots in Disguise. The issue does explore more of the “mysterious Titan” named Metrotitan and how he wound up on Earth and now serving as Autobot city, a role formerly taken by Metroplex.

Confused yet?

Metroplex, a city-type Transformer you owned as a child, whether you knew it or not, is one of the more commonly-known Transformers. In the cartoon, ‘Plex would decimate Decepticons and served as home base for Rodimus Prime and his Autobots following events in Transformers the Movie (1986). Now, who is MetroTitan you ask? He is not a new creation from Hasbro or IDW. In fact, MetroTitan has been around for quite some time, originally a Japan-only Generation 1 Transformer. A Decepticon repaint of Metroplex, and included a Decepticon Micromaster as well.

Yes, I own it. Complete.

In the comic, he seems to be a bit on the pompous side, but only as guardian to his master Micronus Prime. Our main character, Windblade is thrown into various situations which seem odd and for a time, does not make sense, but once you realize the issue is out of order with the main arc, you are able to put pieces together. In short, she is given a brief history of Micro Space and given the task to tell their story to Optimus Prime.

The artwork is a bit over-the-top cartoony to my liking, and the inconsistency in character design becomes obvious. I understand the artwork in the main Revolution Arc is different from the artwork in the ongoing titles of each property, however this issue suffers the most, where in other one-shots and main story, Micronus Prime is drawn and colored as this imposing figure, but this issue the Prime looks more like his TV-show counterpart, diminutive and uninspiring.

The issue does succeed in tying up loose ends left out earlier, however would have likely been more appreciated if released earlier. Story was solid, no doubt about it. Once again, another property is an offspring of Transformers.