Review: Trinity #4

Written by Mark Henely

Continuing the trend of previous issues (where Batman and Superman visited their past selves), Wonder Woman takes Batman and Superman on a journey backward in time and into her past. While under the influence of Poison Ivy’s hallucinations, Wonder Woman gets a chance to see her past and potentially make peace with it.

But, she doesn’t really make peace with it. She doesn’t actually do much of anything. She sees her Amazon sisters again and they immediately kick her out because she showed up with Men. The story tries to make the case that she is once again choosing to leave her home due to the restrictions of Amazonian Culture, but I don’t quite buy that there is that much depth to this story.

There is one point in the story that is especially underdeveloped. At one point, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are forced to battle it out in a series of games in the Amazon’s Coliseum. The entire sequence plays out in the course of one splash page and it frankly isn’t enough. We got a page where we hear about the fight, then a splash page, and then a page where they reflect. I want to see the fight! I want to see them try to earn that freedom.

I know that sticking with the fight doesn’t really move the plot forward, but why are we even reading an action comic if they are yada yada yada-ing the action? What happened to comics that rushed the exposition so that they could show heroes engaged in gladiator fights?

Rating: 4 out of 10