Review: Optimus Prime #1

By: Michael S. Dworkis

Thus begins the story of a Prime. This is the tale of a Cybertronian once known as Orion Pax, a cop, a data clerk, an Autobot who thought to be optimistic in the face of treachery and traitors. The opening issue of this new series takes place where events from Revolution have left off, but we also get flashbacks from the past which appear to mirror current events.

The issue, while slow, paces itself to build up Optimus Prime as more than an Autobot leader, but a leader who tries to convince an unwilling species, the human race to join this Council of Worlds led by Cybertron and other robot-life worlds.

The tale is nothing new. Prime loses faith in friends during the past, while in the future he struggles to maintain the loyalty of those who initially pledged to follow. Like the opening act of a play, the major characters are put front-and- center, the protagonists and antagonists are clear, while the big reveal at the end of the issue throws us for a bit of a loop. Old time Transformer fans will recognize the alien starship which crash lands on Earth.

The artwork is interesting. At times gritty, other times a bit messy, unless this is intentional. Some panels remind me of Andrew Wildman and his classic work during the 90’s.

A good issue, and I appreciate the follow up from Revolution. Good to see the effects of a major story arc are still being felt.