Review: Transformers: Lost Light #1

By: Michael S. Dworkis

Seeing the cover solicit months ago for Lost Light #1, many were confused as to why HotRod/Rodimus suddenly looks like an evil version. Did he go bad? Shattered Glass Rodimus?Negative universe? Read the issue.

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. It retains the humor and light-hearted tone of More Than Meets the Eye, while also proving a subtle reminder of the serious nature of the situation. Recent mutiny, lots of death, new characters, and of course, no rest for the recharged, as crewmembers fall right into the center of a major challenge.

We are introduced to a ton of new/old characters. Many characters we met before, but thanks to some sort of creative storytelling, many characters thought dead are very much alive and will make things quite interesting for the crew of The Lost Light.

A quick recap reminds of the mutiny which initially left Rodimus and company to die at the hands of the Decepticon Justice Division. There will be a lot of loose ends to be tied up, if the writers manage so many divergent tales as they did during MTMTE, this series will be just as good.

Artwork remains as solid as always. Facial expressions are perfect, and there is no shortage of entertaining characters.

By the way, ComicsAlliance named More Than Meets the Eye as the best sci-fi comic book of 2016. Way to go IDW.