Bold Box Office Predictions: Can Underworld or Hidden Figures Stop Rogue One?

Notable Openings This Weekend: Underworld: Blood WarsHidden Figures

As much as I want to see Rogue One out of my life, it’s primed for another #1 finish at the box office (four in a row). The lack of competition is just embarrassing. If Underworld: Blood Wars beats Rogue One this weekend, I’ll watch five Pauly Shore movies in a row, followed by two episodes of The Carrie Diaries, the Sex and the City prequel series. What the hell am I supposed to analyze here? We’re in the worst movie time of the entire year.  It’s happening right now. Oscar movies are still trickling in, but this is it. Let’s just get to it – Underworld!

So, this is the fifth Underworld movie. Only two more, and they’ll be tied with Police Academy. That’s something. For what it’s worth, the series has been pretty consistent in terms of box office, right in that $20-$28 Million sweet spot. I expect this to fall below $20 million though. I’m sure it has its fans, but the buzz is at Sacramento Kings level, and it’s not as if those startling reviews are helping. The production budget is low ($35 Million according to Box Office Mojo), so this should squeak by, but a sixth Underworld movie could be RIP.

Despite being released below 2,500 theaters, Hidden Figures is poised to do very well. It’s getting awards buzz, and it’s a story everybody can get on board with. Add in the overwhelmingly positive reviews, and you’re looking at a nice little take here. There isn’t much left to say other than Hidden Figures won’t be hidden for much longer. I don’t care if you hate that joke. I’m cranky today.


Rogue One continues to CGI its way into our hearts with another hefty take. Hidden Figures embarrasses Underworld despite being released in less theaters. One other noteworthy little tidbit is that La La Land is finally expanding into wide release, just over 1,500 theaters. It will make the top five. The amount of money this movie has already made is just silly. It has already eclipsed its production budget, and it’s only just now being given a wide release. The offices at Lionsgate are having Wolf of Wall Street level parties over this movie. Holy matza ball soup.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – $33 Million

2. Sing – $28 Million

3. Hidden Figures – $19 Million

4. Underworld: Blood Wars – $16 Million

5. La La Land – $10.5 Million

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