Review: Nightwing #13

Written by Andrew Fontana

After three issues of build-up the murder mystery at the heart of the Bludhaven plot has finally seen some movement, but this issue’s underwhelming reveal isn’t enough to add momentum to this arc of Nightwing.

Nightwing’s interactions with the Run-Off’s has been the highlight of the past several issues; their lack here after the first several panels is a drawback the rest of the issue fails to recover from.

Tim Seeley’s usually deft characterization isn’t enough to sell the by-the-numbers plot of this issue. A part of the problem lies in the murderĀ  plot, which unfortunately isn’t as intriguing as the Run-Offs quest to redeem themselves.

The artwork of To and Sotomayor do enough to enliven the proceedings. There is plenty of action this issue, and To’s pencils makes these scenes crackle with energy. Cleanly drawn and easy to follow, these action scenes invigorate the issue and convey well the threat Nightwing faces. Sotomayor’s colors are bright and add nuance to To’s pencils.

Together they keep things from becoming too dull.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

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