Review: Superman #15

Written by: M.J. Rawls

When the DC multiverse is in dire straits and needs saving, this is a job for…Supermen? The 15th issue of this current Superman run is the second part of “Multiplicity,” where there is a powerful entity trying to capture Supermen from every earth. The first part of the comic drops you right in the middle of a fight on Earth 14th where the Justice League of Assassins are in a fight for their lives within ruins. The issue is almost a planning ground for the “big battle.”  

Writers Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi do a good job in showing that pre-battle formula that you might be familiar with if you’ve seen any war movie where the the band of heroes collaborate to make their last stand. I would recommend at least reading issue 14 before this, so you can get a hold of the scope of the battle.

The artistry also shines as well – the team of artists that worked on issue 15 (Clay Mann, Ed Benes, Jorge Jimenez, Ryan Sook) do the job of going through the transitions of battle in the first few frames and showing little nuances as our heroes go through some of the Earth realms to make them different. The end of the comic has a classic, epic “one shot” that embodies what the Superman character is and what they would want him to be. With the conclusion of the “Multiplicity” story line on the horizon, we have a good jumping point through this enjoyable Superman Rebirth run.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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