Review: Transformers: Till All Are One #6

Review: Transformers: Till All Are One #6

War! Starscream and Elita-1 are not seeing eye-to-eye. In case you missed it, Metroplex and the citizens of Cybertron are fending off an assault by an armada of undead Titans. They are currently on auto-pilot as the antagonist kicking off Titans Return sent them on a brainless mission to destroy everything on Cybertron.

So far, it’s working. With Metroplex going down and Windblade reverting to anime-style panic, Starscream attempts to use Carcer, the Titan currently under control by Elita-1. She says no. We get Starscream in his own panic mode, and eating a whole lot of humble pie.

What I like most about the issue, is the focus on Cybertron and everyone else. The transformers fighting and what runs through their robotic minds in a situation like this. The story does not need to be focused on a few select characters, but on many, and this is where the issue thrives.

I enjoy reading about “the other” robots running around, because I get to know them a little bit better.

The artwork remains the same for this issue as previously seen, so there are times where it gets a bit too Anime-cartoony for me, but since it is what I expect, it does not bother me as much. If you saw the Retailer Incentive cover, you might be wondering what the artist was thinking, and if there was any substance additive involved.

A quick read due to the action, but an enjoyable one.

Rating: 4 out-of-5 Anime eyes.