Review: Nightwing #14

By: Andrew Fontana

After the underwhelming events of the previous issue, Nightwing #14 is a satisfying conclusion to  “Bludhaven” that puts character development ahead of plot. Tim Seeley wisely focuses on the culmination of Dick’s emotional arc. Seeley has been exploring Dick Grayson’s conception of heroism since the rebirth one-shot, and this issue marks a new growth for the character. That growth, plus some pretty awesome superhero fisticuffs, make an entertaining end to what has been a so-so storyline.

The slowness of previous issues is redeemed in full here. There’s plenty of action to spare, and humor infused dialogue to keep things from getting too dark. Seeley sets up the potential for fun things down the line, including more of Bludhaven’s colorful residence.  To’s pencils are sharp and fluid, his action scenes are a treat to behold. They have been consistently wonderful this entire arc, and they don’t let up here. Combined with Sotomayor’s rich colors, this book’s art distinguishes it from the dark grittiness of the other bat titles.

Rating: 8.0