Review: Optimus Prime #3

The plot continues! The past of Optimus Prime and the mistrust of authority leads to similar conundrums, as Optimus Prime tries to assert his authority onto Earth, which is fine because he has noble intentions, right?

Or, is it possible Prime is saving his own armorhide here? An awkward conversation with Starscream can confuse us as to when this is taking place. Shouldn’t Starscream and Cybertron be in the middle of a battle? Huh.

The story has so much dialogue, but even too much for me. I think Simon Furman might even think it is overkill. We get where the story will end up, with some sort of history lesson for Optimus, while his new righteous followers will likely regret donning Prime-like faceplates and worshipping him as a deity.

The story telling gets a bit choppy at times, with some questions regarding the Junkions who are hardly seen in the issue until the end, where we get another reveal of some transformers who we haven’t seen in a long time, let’s just say they might be familiar to fans of the 1986 Animated Movie.

The artwork remains unchanged. I get the gritty tone, but too many lines. Too many dark spots.

Oh, and Thundercracker writes for G.I. Joe now? Nice nod to Chuckles guy. Really.

Slower pace, and a lot crammed into one issue. Good, we get a variety of story, bad, because not enough of it.