Review: Super Sons #1

Written by Andrew Fontana

Super Sons is the best pint-sized incarnation of the World’s Finest duo that DC has published since the New 52 reboot five years before. By shifting the Batman/Superman dynamic onto their children, Tomasi and Jiminez explore that hallowed relationship through the lens of adolescent shenanigans. Tomasi captures the arrogance and insecurity of Damien and the hopeful naivety of Jonathan Kent; their interactions together feel organic and earned. Indeed, their interactions provide the meat of the issue.

Tomasi’s strong characterization does mask an oddly paced first issue, however. The issue begins with a prologue that remains unconnected to what follows. While flashbacks often help flesh out the narrative, here it only clutters an otherwise straightforward issue.

Jiminez’s pencils channel Humberto Ramos at his best, but with a keener sense of details that Ramos usually lacks. Jiminez’s highly stylized figures, matched with bright coloring, fits bright fresh tone that Tomasi’s script portrays.  The pencils make up in energy what they in anatomical proportion.His art crackles with enthusiasm that mirrors that of the Super Sons themselves.

Super Sons Rating: 8.0