A Diehard Halloween Fan Reacts to Danny McBride Heading Up The New Sequel

A Diehard Halloween Fan Reacts to Danny McBride Heading Up The New Sequel

By now the news has spread that Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are set to write and direct the new Halloween sequel and the responses have been all over the board. What seems to be throwing people off is Danny McBride. I will admit that my mind instantly went to Danny McBride, the writer of Underworld, not the comedic actor, because that seemed to make the most sense.

In fact, I never even considered the comedian until I saw a photo of him attached to an article announcing the directing duo. My first reaction was surprise and anger, but, after some consideration, I have decided this may be a good thing.

Any fan of John Carpenter can tell you that there is supposed to be a certain amount of humor to the horror he creates. (i.e. They Live, The Fog, Christine). That humor is part of what gives Halloween it’s charm. Michael Myers was the silent stalker, giving us our chills and thrills while we got our chuckles to calm us down from the likes of Annie Brackett and Lynda Van der Klok. Danny McBride knows comedy. He will give us those light, funny moments needed to give the audience pause from all of the blood Michael is guaranteed to spill. On top of that, McBride is a lifelong horror fan, which certainly adds to his credibility and knowledgeability on the subject. Who better to write a horror movie than a horror fan?

David Gordon Green knows drama and thrillers. From writing and/or directing films like Goat, Undertow and All the Real Girls, he has more than proven that he can shock and creep like a pro. I have zero doubts that he can pull out some truly frightening, but simplistic kills for Michael, the way John Carpenter did in the original film.

The Halloween film series lost its way somewhere around Halloween 4 (ignore Halloween III), so maybe this duo can bring us back the Michael Myers that we love to fear. Besides, when John Carpenter, the “Master of Horror” himself, says these two “get it,” you don’t question it, you believe it. After all, no one knows Michael better than the man who dreamed him up. I certainly don’t think he would give his approval to just anyone.

Let’s be honest here, as long as they don’t put Michael in space or make him time travel, I don’t think we can really be disappointed. It’s not like it could get any worse than Halloween: Resurrection. As for me, I will be sitting here patiently waiting for 2018 when I can finally see Michael Myers grace that big screen once again.

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