Review: Optimus Prime #4

This issue shows a huge improvement. Remaining consistent, the focus is on Optimus and the meaning of being a “Prime” in the modern era. He has his followers, he has his detractors, and this issue spotlights the doubt he possesses and some truth is revealed with his current motivation. The use of newer characters comes strongly into play, with Pyra Magna, a female leader having gradually being given a push, is becoming front-and-center within the main story.< We also see a different look at the Junkions. As I cautioned in previous reviews, these are not the Junkions we know and love. Very different. I like the tale of how their race is reduced to literal junk because of Cybertronian transgressions, and the latest move puts everyone in peril. The artwork is consistent, and, like tuning a lens, appears clearer than in past. The flashbacks to the past remind me a bit of the flashbacks in Arrow, where there are parallels of similar lessons being learned and re-learned. Solid issue, and as I hoped, it seems the creative team found their groove, and progressing on the right track.