Written by Jennifer Amato

Wrestlemania 33 Predictions: Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks – WWE Women’s Title

The RAW Women’s Championship match has been poorly built.

WWE should not have put the belt on Bayley yet. She’s cute, she’s sweet, she’s unassuming – but she’s not really championship material. She is trying to make a name for herself as the underdog, but when you put her up against the likes of powerhouses Sasha Banks and especially Charlotte, she appears meek.

I understand wanting to give little girls the perception that they can be anything they want to be with a dollar and a dream, but in the whirlwind of physical activity that is the WWE ring, it doesn’t quite match up. The payoff would have been better if she was still the underdog going into WrestleMania without the title.

Nia Jax has the strength, the power — and the callous look on her face – behind her, but she’s not ready for this matchup.

Sasha is my favorite of the group, but she seems lost in the shuffle. In addition, her promos aren’t there yet so she seems awkward. And if Nia Jax continues her assault on Sasha, Sasha will crumble, literally and figuratively, during the match.

Charlotte is ultra-talented and definitely has all of the qualities of a champion, but she needs to handle this match without any outside interference. Plus, this is WrestleMania, not an ordinary match, which is where legends are made. I don’t think the other three possess legendary status just yet as Charlotte does.

Maybe the end result, overall, is some trades with Smackdown?

Predicted winner: Charlotte regains the title and continues her reign in the division.

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