Louis CK Hosts One of the Best SNL Episodes of 2017

Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live: Louis CK (host), Chainsmokers (Musical Guest), Alec Baldwin (Guest star)

Host: Louis C.K.

I feel unqualified to publicly review Louis C.K.’s comedy because I feel like watching Louis’ stand-up specials as a teenager informed my basic understand of what comedy is and what comedy can be as an adult. Of course I’m going to think everything Louis does on SNL is going to be is funny and perfect because he defined comedy for me.

In fact, the first episode of SNL that I ever watched in its entirety was the first episode that he hosted. This review only exists because of my willingness to follow Louis wherever.

That being said, this was a great episode. Every sketch was either funny or, at least, unique. This was one to watch.

Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC

Best Sketch of the Night: The Lawyer

The top sketch of the night, to me, is one where Louis plays a lawyer with beautiful eyelashes that he uses to win his cases. It’s a beautifully dumb sketch that I think works really well because of some smart directing.

The sketch highlights the bizarre fact that there is an entire industry based around making eye lashes look better. The absurdity that eye lashes matter as all is at play here and I really liked it.

Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC

Worst Sketch of the Night: Sectionals

While I don’t really want to throw any of these sketches under the bus as being “bad,” I think the Sectionals sketch goes off the rails at some point. I think the character that Louis plays is funny and I like how bizarre it is, but the whole thing doesn’t quote come together. Although, the fact that the whole thing kind of falls apart at some point really only makes me like it more.

Musical Guest: The Chainsmokers

I was thoroughly charmed by The Chainsmokers on this episode. I like that their stage set up made it look like the lead singer was a lonely guy at the bar, telling his tale to the bartender/keyboard player. It was a small piece of stage craft that went a long way for me. I even liked it when the lead singer broke the mold of the set and got up and started doing some bad dance moves.

Yes, the dance moves were bad, but they weren’t cringe worthy. They were charming like Drake’s terrible dance moves in Hotline Bling.

Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC