Review: Batwoman #2

Written by Sheena Fisher

Kate has an event from her past haunting her in the present day. She also has a new threat attacking her as a result. Actions have consequences. Kate must face what her actions have caused in this intense issue. Old “ghosts” don’t rest easy.

Three years ago Kate nearly dies and washes up on the shore of a small island called Coryana. She is saved by the lovely Safiyah. In this flashback you can see how merciful and kind Safiyah is as she has patched Kate’s skull up. Three years ago Coryana was a beautiful and secluded island mostly untouched by man. Until now.

Kate sees that Coryana has been industrialized. Huge factories now inhabit the serene island. The wildlife is no longer seen. And, she finds out this has all happened within the last year. Safiyah is nowhere to be found. And, to make matters worse Tahani greets Kate with a knife and a new alter-ego.

Like I said, this issue was intense. The action as well as the plot blended pretty much perfectly. My interest was held. I did not want to stop reading. I look forward to learning more about the evil corporation that has tainted Coryana, finding out where Safiyah has gone, and why Tahani wants to kill Kate.

Batwoman #2 Rating: 8.5/10