Review: Batman #22

Written by Andrew Fontana

Like Superman Reborn before it, The Button crossover is fast becoming essential to understanding the new architecture that now underpins the post New 52 universe.

The Watchmen Button found by Bruce in the Batcave remains one of the central mysteries of Rebirth, and issue #22 of Batman begins the work of giving us readers answers.

More importantly, Joshua Williamson and Tom King tether all the dimension-hopping shenanigans to a story that now  has genuine emotional stakes. Having Bruce and Barry cross paths with the Flashpoint Batman is a brilliant stroke of plotting that opens up new avenues for this crossover and all the characters involved.

Bringing Bruce and Barry to the world of Flashpoint raises new implications that cast the manipulation of the DC universe in a sinister light. We get several interesting revelations concerning the mystery behind Rebirth, along with some very heartfelt dialogue between Bruce and his father. These two, bound by parallel loss, explore the pain that is at heart of being Batman.

Jason Fabok is given plenty to work with this issue. Batman #22 brings Bruce and Barry to the world of Flashpoint, giving Fabok ample opportunity to create plenty of action sequences. His pencil work is fluid and graceful, his choreography cinematic to the eye. Anderson’s colors are suitably dark for the scenes in Gotham, and with just enough brightness with the scenes on the cosmic tread mill.

Batman #22 Rating: 8.5/10