Review: Harley Quinn #19

Written by Sheena Fisher

This issue continues the Paul Dini “Harley Loves Joker” story arch, as well as the “Red Meat” storyline. In our main story arch, “Red Meat,” Harley is waking up from being captured. Eggy and Red Tool are trying their best to rescue Harley. But, things aren’t going so well for them. Looks like it’s up to Harley to save herself.

There’s not exactly a happy ending here. Harley does discover what’s happening to the homeless people. And she does find Skipper. But, it’s only a happy ending in Harley’s mind. Which, we all know, Harley isn’t exactly sane. So, you can expect to see her special flavor of crazy on full display in this issue. I was praising her character in my review of issue 17 for her intelligence. No worries, she’s still got her smarts. Wits too.

Red Tool is trying his best to rescue Harley with guns he’s not super experienced with. You can expect how well that goes. Also Eggy is having some issues getting to the building Harley is being held captive in. But, don’t worry, it’s Harley Quinn. Check out this issue to see how she handles herself without assistance.

“Harley Loves Joker” is more classic Harley and Joker shenanigans. You can expect to see Bats make an appearance in this story as well. He kinda has to. Harley and Joker have been on a crime spree. Do they out-smart Bats? Do they make a clean getaway? I can promise you there are no clean getaways with Joker and Harley. I enjoyed this issue. It’s always great to see Batman make an appearance, and who doesn’t love classic Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn #19 Rating: 8/10

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