Review: Regression #1

Written by Sheena Fisher

What happens when something from your past squirms its way to the surface? Regression seems to be trying to answer just that question. Some theories claim that events that took place in a past life can impact a current life. You may think that theory is poppycock. But, what if it’s not?

We meet Adrian who is currently at a cookout with friends. Unfortunately for Adrian he suffers from frightening hallucinations. That burger on the grill? Infested with maggots and flies. The beer that dude is drinking? Pretty much the same. It gets worse…sometimes the bugs even appear to fall out of his friend’s eyes and mouth. Appetizing, no?

Luckily Adrian has an awesome friend named Molly who is there to help him escape this cookout waking nightmare. Molly also suggests that Adrian sees a friend of hers. Turns out, her friend is a hypnotist. By now I’m sure you understand where the title comes in to play. Yes, hypnotism and regression therapy.

Molly’s friend does a short session with Adrian. In this short session you get to see all kinds of little bloody snippets from Adrian’s past. Past life/lives perhaps? Adrian thinks the regression therapy is all bull shit. He doesn’t even remember seeing anything while under hypnosis.

Adrian tries to sleep off the terrifying and stressful day only to have a nightmare. This nightmare seems to be the worst and most vivid thing he’s seen. I can’t wait to see where this story goes. I really feel like Adrian was involved in some crazy stuff in the past that he’s just blocked out. I wonder if he has any power, or if he’s just a victim? I can’t wait to read more and find out.

Regression #1 Rating: 9/10 Stars