Big Thief Drops New, Ethereal Video for ‘Mythological Beauty’

Big Thief Drops New, Ethereal Video for ‘Mythological Beauty’

Big Thief, the Brooklyn-based indie band, has dropped a wonderfully epic and ethereal video for their single, ‘Mythological Beauty.’

The video, while epic in scope, beautifully reflects the quiet and introspective nature of lead singer Adrianne Lenker. Set in a wintry wilderness, the video shows a woman (Lenker) carrying a dying man (Buck Meek) through the woods, to an unknown spot where his body is attended. The video is very open to interpretation as there’s time jumps, and some dazzling end visuals that’ll be provoking many a thought afterwords.

Big Thief is currently gearing up for the release of their new record, Capacity, which drops on June 9 on Saddle Creek Records.

For more on the record, check out what the band and record label had to say:

“This song is based on an actual incident, an injury the songwriter suffered when she was very young. As Lenker recently explained, ” ‘Mythological Beauty’ reveals the origin of the scar on the right side of my head. It is a conversation between parent and child; between child and child; between the child within the parent and the child within the child; and between the parent within the child and the parent within the parent.” With her close-cropped hair and her penetrating eyes, Lenker is a natural subject for music video, and director Vanessa Haddad makes her the focus of the mystical, beautifully-shot clip for “Mythological Beauty.”

Lenker and her bandmate and longtime collaborator Buck Meek are adventurers, journeying together over a gorgeous, snow-covered mountain. She’s alert and wary; he’s shaky, straggling, doing his best to keep up with her. When he falls, exhausted, Lenker does what any heroine would – she slings his limp body over her shoulders and carries on. To save him requires magical intervention: a ritual that hovers somewhere between surgery and a religious rite that involves bandmates James Krivchenia and Max Oleartchik (and Lenker’s mother), and which generates some seriously altered states. Gripping like an episode of a fantasy series and as emotionally provocative as a whispered confession, the “Mythological Beauty” clip underscores both the communicative power of Big Thief and the band’s unerring ability to provoke reverberations in the unconscious of its listeners.”

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