The Front Bottoms Release Charity Single, ‘Get Numb’

Written by Megan West

The Front Bottoms Release Charity Single, “Get Numb”

New Jersey folk-punk band, The Front Bottoms, announced today that they are partnering with Make the Road New Jersey to raise money for immigrant justice. Their announcement came packaged with a brand new single, “Get Numb.” While the band’s past releases have lived firmly in the realm of angst and nostalgia, the new track is explicitly political. The chorus is a protest chant of sorts:

“Now is not the time to get numb / even though you wanna be / Only thing to do / is show love to every single refugee.”

The Front Bottoms manage to maintain the sound that gained them a cult following – “Get Numb” in complete with full, a solo-percussion bridge, and some spoken word lyrics from singer Brian Sella.

The urgency and distress that characterized his vocals in past albums take on more weight with the new subject matter. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend of rock musicians stepping outside of their often-apolitical world and using their clout for the benefit of those in positions of less privilege.

It’s not often that rock musicians step outside of their often-apolitical worlds and use their clout for the benefit of others—but as the band writes on their bandcamp, “It’s hard to be a musician today and ignore everything that is going on. “Get Numb” was born from that frustration.”

In order to donate to Make the Road New Jersey, you can name your price for the single on The Front Bottom’s bandcamp, buy their exclusive “Get Numb” t-shirt (available from 6/6 – 6/20), or donate directly through Make the Road’s website.

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