Review: Winnebago Graveyard #1

By: Sheena Fisher

The scene is set by explaining what monsters truly are. Pointing the blame outward isn’t the right direction. That inward is where humans truly find monsters. And, we also see some creepy folks in dark robes abduct a couple. With a dark set-up like this I’m sure you can begin to imagine where the story is headed. But, wait, there’s more!

After a man and woman are abducted by the creepy possible cult folk they are murdered. Seems death is not the end though, because the man comes back. Sadly I can’t go more into detail on this story arch because the story quickly shifts gears. We then see a family traveling in, you guessed it, a Winnebago. Ah yes, the personification of American road travels. The one, the only, Winnebago.

Inside a family is bickering as most families do. We learn that the mother has recently remarried and the son likes to give his new step-dad a hard time. Such a hard time the step-dad has to pull over the Winnebago to talk to his wife about his son’s actions and cool down. While outside they notice a carnival. Of course they decide to go in and blow off some steam.

The father figure talks the family into leaving their phones in the RV while enjoying the carnival. They intended on killing an hour’s time, but have so much fun they lose track of time. Daylight is gone, so they retreat back to their Winnebago. Well…they try to, it’s seemingly been stolen. The father figure tries to call for help but the gentleman working the ticket booth kindly tells him at gunpoint that if he wants to get the law involved he’s got to walk to town.

The family starts walking and luckily they find a person driving by to give them a ride to the nearest town. Something is really off about the town though. And, that’s where our story ends. I do like the set-up and the mystery. I also find it interesting none of the characters have been named yet (bet they’re expendable). I feel like this is only going to get darker and more messed up. So for the strong start I’m going to give this one an 8/10.