Review: Rat Queens #5

In case you forgot, our heroes were in the middle of a dungeon crawl when they got sucked into the mirror of regret. We got to see a glimpse of their visions in the last issue. But, we didn’t get details. Well, now is the time. What do our Rat Queens regret from their pasts?

I don’t really know if I should delve too deep into what our queens regret. Simply because I really want you to pick up this issue and read it. But, here are some small highlights. Hannah sees her first meeting with Betty. We all know Violet misses her father because she’s discussed it in past issues, so of course we see her interacting with him. Betty’s biggest regret actually surprised me, so I’ll let you discover that one for yourself. Dee has lived a long life and her vision is very mysterious. Oh, and, last but not least, Braga regrets the way she handled things with a past love.

Once all the ladies have faced their regrets they emerge from the mirror unscathed physically. They are greeted by a strange fish creature. The creature is happy to see all their drama and tears. He was bored, and I’m guessing he’s been alone in this dungeon for centuries. The Queens contemplate killing him immediately. The fish creature decides to further mess with them by asking which reality is real, and which is illusion. Have they even left the main entrance of the dungeon? He loves toying with them and feeds off their emotions.

The queens have no time for that. They demand payment. The fish ancient puffs up and dares them to do anything. You can guess what happens from here, but will have to read to see how epic it is. The queens then get to choose their pick from his treasure. Interesting to see what each character picks and helps you learn more about them individually. After they get payment they make their way out of the dungeon and decide to take a few days off. I doubt they get any rest.

This issue like every issue before was fun and full of adventure. A nice bonus was some back story told for each of our queens via the mirror of regret. Very cool to get some insight to each characters inner psyche. And, as usual always great humor mixed into the serious plot points and adventure. Pick up this issue in your local comic store. 8/10 Stars.

Written by Sheena Fisher

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