Review: Sheena #1

In issue #0 Sheena kept facing flying turtles (drones). She was able to defeat them luckily. Sheena wants nothing more than to protect the jungle from outsiders. She knows that outsiders can cause terrible damage to the residents of the jungle, the wildlife, and the jungle itself. We also got a glimpse of who was controlling the flying turtles in issue #0. We see him again briefly, and learn a little more about him.

This issue picks up with outsiders making a grand entrance into her village. Sheena sees one of the village elder’s talking with a guy that’s armed to the teeth. He’s not alone, the group of goons look to be mercenaries. After some not-so-friendly banter between the goon and the village elder, Sheena gets in their face. She tells them that she is used to people lying to try and take control of the village and jungle. The goon replies by telling her they have lost a surveyor. The goon tells her no one cares about what happens to the villagers. Sheena is sharp as a tack, and comes back at him with the fact that they have been seeing flying turtles and doubt that the goon’s boss sent them.
After some thinking the goon realizes she’s correct. He gives her an ultimatum. If she can find the surveyor in 3 days’ time they will leave.

Sheena hopes that Sir Veyor (because she believes that to be his name) is still alive. The jungle is not a safe place, and she wants nothing more than to protect everyone. From here Sheena sets off to find Sir Veyor. She is going very deep into the jungle. So deep there are places she has never stepped foot in. Can Sheena find Sir Veyor in time? I can’t give you all the juicy details. You’ll have to pick up this issue and discover all the little details and spoilers I’m leaving out.

Again, I must stress that this version of Sheena is very intelligent and strong. Something that some of the past versions of her were lacking. Another thing I noticed about past versions of Sheen of the Jungle is her character starts strong, but as soon as a main character that’s male gets in the picture he seems to steal power away from her. I hope that the writers continue to keep Sheena strong and independent. I feel like if a male character is added as a focal point that he and Sheena should bounce off each other and help each other out. I’m very much enjoying this run so far. Pick up this issue at your local comic shop.

Sheena #1 Rating: 8.5/10.

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