Review: Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1


Harley has been a fan favorite since she was introduced on Batman the Animated Series in 1992. She’s captured the hearts of fans globally, and is actually as big a seller as Batman for DC. I’m sure most of her die-hard fans know this and far more than I’m typing in this intro. This anniversary issue is full of nostalgia, fun, and butt-kicking. I’ll give you some appetizers to the stories in this issue. But, I won’t spoil the main dish.

So, in issue 4 of Harley Quinn, Ivy, Selena, and Harley take a road trip to Vegas. You will now know what happened during their stay in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Not true for the tale of Diva Las Vegas. Red Tool makes Harley tell him all the juicy details of their stay. You’ll learn so many details, even down to what Harley ate to make her barf.

There’s another tale in here called Birthday Blues. You get to see highlights from Harley’s life growing up. And, highlights from momentous birthday years. Her sweet 16, her 5th birthday. All the important milestones. But, what does Joker have in store for her 25th birthday party? Surely being the ‘loving’ boyfriend he is, he’ll have a grand plan for her. Right? You’ll have to pick up this issue to see.

In Somewhere that’s Green Harley and Ivy are prepping for a hurricane to hit New York. They see the worst side of some selfish New Yorker’s fighting over groceries. Then suddenly Swamp Thing appears to ask Ivy for her help. Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy have a strong connection with the Green and he believes that with their powers combined they can calm mother earth. If they’re successful they could stop the hurricane from even happening. How does Harley play into the Green though? I assure you she plays a big role in it.

Did you think that’s the end of Harley Tales? Think Again. In Bird Psychology Harley and Joker are plotting to put the entire city to sleep. That isn’t going to work for Batman and Robin. They arrive on the scene to take down Harley and Joker. But, you don’t get to see Batman and Joker fight, instead you see Harley and Robin. Robin is desperately trying to stop the sleeping gas bomb while Harley is messing with his brain. She knows way more about Robin than he is comfortable with. Will Robin save the day? Or will Harley mess with his mind so bad he’s useless?

So, I hope some of my descriptions of the fun tales in this issue entices you to pick it up at your local comic shop. If not maybe the beautiful artwork will. This anniversary issue was fun, tying our main story in to lots of other fun side tales. There are more cameo’s in here from other heroes and villains than I can even mention. And, another thing I must mention is there are pages dedicated to nothing but art. Beautiful drawings of Harley in different styles to make your eyeballs happy.

Rating: 9/10

-Sheena Fisher

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 is now available online and in a comic book retailer near you.

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