Review: Lynch Mob, ‘The Brotherhood’

I love Lynch Mob. Let’s just get this fact out of the way.

So when it came time to review their new album The Brotherhood, I jumped at the chance. Having been introduced to the band by way of songs like “All I Want” and “Tangled in the Web,” I was immediately hooked by George Lynch’s in-your-face guitar playing and expressive vibrato.

Formed in 1989, Lynch Mob has been on fire ever since, releasing a steady stream of excellent material. Fast forward to 2017, and The Brotherhood drops. Several plays later, here is may take on the album.

Lynch’s career has been defined by badass riffs, and “Main Offender” doesn’t disappoint. Also featuring one of the best solos on the album, this is song was clearly destined to be an opener; it’s a statement song that sets the stage. “Mr. Jekyll and Hyde” and “I’ll Take Miami” show off the bands ability to fall into and hold down a rock groove.

Oni Logan’s voice has great range and melody, and the lyrics are two parts metaphor, one part rock and roll, and a dash of classic vibes. “Where We Started” has an incredible slow burn of a guitar solo, starting with some pitch sifted sliding before launching into high speed run up the neck.

“The Forgotten maiden’s Pearl” is an interesting take on the traditional rock ballad (which we know is a contractual requirement on every rock album). It’s a good song, packed with different types of percussion, but it feels a bit out of place on this record. “Black Heart Days” is a return to form, featuring more heavy guitar from Lynch and an impressively layered vocal effort from Logan. “Dog Town Mystics” and “Miles Away” feature more impressive guitar work from Lynch, with “Miles Away” containing the actual best guitar solo on the album.

As a whole, this album is very good. It is everything that you come to expect from a rock powerhouse like Lynch Mob. I would have liked to see some more up tempo songs sprinkled throughout, but the sound of this album is clearly pushed towards a mid to slow tempo groove being held down by Jimmy D’Anda on drums and Sean McNabb on bass. If you are a fan of the band, this album certainly will not disappoint.

Rating: 7.5/10

Lynch Mob’s latest record, ‘The Brotherhood’ is currently available on Amazon, & iTunes