The Ghosted Premiere Proves Scott & Robinson Are The Best Ghost Hunters You Never Know You Needed

Craig Robinson, Adam Scott in FOX's Ghosted
Photo Credit: Kevin Estrada/Fox

Move over Bill Murray and Dan Aykrod, there’s a new pair of Ghostbusters in this town.

In a sitcom that’s a mesh between X-Files and a Judd Apatow comedy, Ghosted is a smart blend of horror and humor.

In the show, which stars Adam Scott as Dr. Max Jennifer and Craig Robinson as Leroy Wright, we find our two leads placed into the world of the supernatural when a spy goes missing and leaves there names for the government to help find him.

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While the premiere certainly relies on the charm and chemistry of its two leads ( how can it not) it carries great promise for the season ahead.

Scott and Robinson play off each other phenomenally. With Robinson’s deadpan humor and Scott’s nerdy and quick witted appeal, they make a match made in buddy comedy heaven. While the dialogue they are given in some scenes borderlines in the cheesy and predictable, they make every line work.

Fox got lucky in casting these two, and so did the audience.

However, as expected with a season premiere, where there are ups there must be downs.

The special effects for the premiere episode remind me of a bad B horror movie from the ’50s. I was expecting at any moment for someone to throw a fishing hook with a flying saucer out in front of the camera while making whooshing noises. However, once again thanks to the charm of the lead actors, especially Scott who is finally breaking away from his Parks and Rec mold, it made it slightly more believable and fun to watch.

The show has a long way to go before entering the comedy realm or standards of shows such as Parks and Rec, The Office, or even the X-Files…but with the rate they are going, and deliciously hilarious performances, I’m sure they will find a shortcut along the way soon.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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