Review: Superman #32

How far will Superman go to protect the ones he loves most? Would he kill for it? Would he forego his own moral code? The second part of “Breaking Point” tackles this very notion as D.C.’s “terminator,” Deathstroke is on a job to take out Lois Lane..or is he? Superman #32 is more of a psychological cat and mouse game.

Within the action, there are some beautifully done internal monologues that writer James Bonny utilizes coming from Superman, Deathstroke, and Lois. Here’s a story about principles. Deathstroke has no dog in the fight. He’s a man that just cares about the job getting done. Lois follows a story no matter how dangerous it is. Superman wants to keep the world and his loved ones safe with markers to how far he can go.

A continual stream of thoughts that flows with the elaborate illustrations from Tyler Kirkham. For example, in one of the frames, there’s special attention given to the motion blur of Superman’s punches in the fight. While there’s action and explosions, the narration fits as a almost, calming juxtaposition as to what’s happening on the pages.  There’s only a slight reprieve when Clark and Lois are talking in the park. However, there’s the contemplation that one day, Clark’s steadfast rule will have to be broken.

“To take a life is to destroy a part of oneself.” Deathstroke knows, even with the new editions to his suit, that Superman could kill him easily. What does a mortal man do with the one of the powerful super heroes in the DC universe? You toy with him mentally and get him to question his actions. As the big reveal that end of the comic saw Amanda Waller pulling the strings. Like the Suicide Squad, will Waller get Superman to that place of no return?

Rating: 8.0/10

Superman #32 is available at comic book retailers everywhere.

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