American Horror Story: Cult, ‘Mid-Western Assassin’

Photo Courtesy of FX

To start off, before this episode began, the producers of American Horror Story announced that due to the recent Las Vegas shootings, they have edited the episode for gun violence. You can still watch the unedited episode online if you so choose though. But I just wanted to say, I thought that was really cool of them. I know this is a show that is about scaring and shocking people, but they cut it out anyway – as best as they could – out of respect.

I say as best as they could because in the very beginning of the episode we are witnessing a public shooting at a rally Kai is hosting. We hear the gunshots, but we do not actually see anyone get shot or anyone actually firing a gun. They couldn’t exactly re-shoot the scene or cut it out because important developments happen.

For instance, we finally see how Ivy met Kai, as expected it was via Winter, but their initial conversation is not what I expected at all. The deeper we dig into Ivy, the more we find out why she has come to hate Ally so much, and to be honest, I don’t think she’s wrong. I don’t think she should be sending murdering clowns to make her wife seem crazy, but I don’t think her reasons for wanting to leave Ally are wrong. The dilemma she is facing is that she wouldn’t be the one to get custody. Which is why Kai thought up the clever plan of making sure she wouldn’t get it…by making her seem insane.

It wouldn’t be hard either because big brother Dr. Vincent is her therapist, all he needs is the right documentation of these “episodes” and there you go. Crazy, unfit parent. Although I hate what she’s doing, I won’t deny the strength of Ivy’s character. She is doing what she thinks is necessary to keep her son truly safe in her eyes. If she was the hero in a story and killing bad guys to save her son, would we bat an eye?

Ally has grown exponentially in this episode alone. She saved Meadow. I gave her so much shit for not opening her door and letting them drag Meadow away, but she grabbed a knife, broke in, and got her out of there and to somewhere safe…at least, a place she thought was safe. We as the viewer know Dr. Vincent isn’t trustworthy, but I don’t think even Meadow knows who he is. He has had little to no interaction with any cult members except his brother and sister. It doesn’t matter anyway, because one phone call from Kai seems to be enough for Meadow to run back to him.

Poor Sally Kefler. I really liked her, but she was a beacon of hope, and those don’t get to stay long in American Horror Story world. Just when Ally finally found and ally. Ha. Get it? It’s spelled the same. She may still have an ally in Ivy too because Ivy doesn’t want Ally dead. She may not want to be with her anymore, but she doesn’t want her dead either. When they invade Sally’s house, Ivy finds Ally hiding, but instead of saying anything to the others, she simply closes the door and leaves.

Speaking of allies, Ally is realizing she doesn’t have too many of those…if any at all. Her “fuck you” to Dr. Vincent was nice though. And Dr. Vincent’s “damn it” and expression afterwards do tell me, that like Ivy, he doesn’t want Ally to die either. I don’t think Dr. Vincent is a good guy, but from the beginning, from when their parents died, he wanted his practice. He cared about his practice. And I could be wrong, but I think he cares to an extent for his patients as well.

I really enjoyed this episode. There was a lot less gore, but a lot more tension somehow and I won’t spoil it, but the beginning scene is not what you think it is, Meadow isn’t what we think she is either, I’ll leave it at that.