Harley Quinn #30 Review

In issue #29 we saw how Harley was running her campaign. She was listening in on people as they passed to learn what the real issues were. She was coordinating with Ivy and Harlem Harvey to get more educated on the mayoral process. This was all only one month in, and the candidates still had to make a point to the citizens of New York. The citizens also watched Harley literally fight and beat the other candidates. I guess the question now is will that be viewed as a strength?

This issue starts off with Harley making Mason her bodyguard. But, come on, we all know Harley is her own body guard. Harley has assignments for everyone though, Tony, Eggy, Madame Macabre, Red Tool, and even Poison Ivy. They’re working together to make sure there are beautiful green parks everywhere. I’ll let you pick up this issue to see how they’re going about that.

Meanwhile Scarecrow and the current Mayor DePerto are negotiating a price for Scarecrow’s work in the last issue. DePerto is trying to say he doesn’t owe Scarecrow a dime. I don’t know about you, but if I was working with Dr. Crane I’d pay up out of fear he’d…well, use fear gas on me. DePerto clearly isn’t as intelligent as I am though. And, you can guess what happens next. Scarecrow unleashes his fear gas on the mayor. We get to learn his deep-dark fears, and they are hilarious. I won’t divulge too much because you will want the surprise here, trust me.

Back at the campaign headquarters they’re getting a lot of interesting complaints and compliments about the changes Harley and the team made earlier. But, the important part of this story is Harley Sinn has arrived and has some insane news for Quinn. Sinn thinks her dad put her in Arkham. And, if you recall that’s something she and Mason shared. A terrifying experience in Arkham Asylum. So, Harley is for sure going to talk about that during the next debate. Before the next leg of her campaign begins

Harley and Mason grab some meatball subs. Stuff really does seem to be looking up for the cute couple.Just as things are looking up it’s time for the debate. Eggy drops off Harley, Ivy, and Mason so she can get to campaigning. Unfortunately for them they’re greeted by some armed goons. I can’t tell you too much that happens here without ruining the whole tale. You’ll just have to read for yourself to see what happens.

Well, I can tell you there’s one real big cliff-hanger at the end. You’re going probably think “well…that sucks for them.” I recommend picking up this issue to see how Harley handles some mayoral leadership. It’s also nice to see her getting closer to Mason, and she’s getting more of a family connection with her friends. More plot-driven story and not a ton of ass-kicking.

Harley Quinn #30 – Rating: 7/10

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