IDW First Strike: ROM One-shot

This is the second half of the arc which began in First Strike: Micronauts One-Shot. Simply put, the Micronauts go head-to-head with the evil Dire Wraiths and things do not go very well. Accepting their size and power limitations, they seek out ROM, the knight who has fought Dire Wraiths for ages and may be able to help them.

Problem, at the end of the Micronauts one-shot, ROM believes they are Dire Wraiths as well.

Turns out, things aren’t as bad as it seems. ROM and the Micronauts team up to exchange information, ideals, and we get some head-nodding character development. I was never into ROM or the Micronauts as a kid, but I like the version IDW has presented. You feel for these characters, they are out of their elements. Power levels nowhere near Cybertronian, despite both ROM and the Micronauts having ties to Cybertronian technology and origin. It’s interesting to see the Micronauts accept their physical limitations and showing respect to ROM’s plight.

It has already been revealed by IDW, so no spoiler, these two issues will lead into the post-First Strike series of Rom and The Micronauts. I may pick up that title as well.

First Strike: Rom gets a 6 out of 10.